Skiline - Zillertal Arena

Skiline - get your personal chart of elevation gain of your skiing day


Skiline offers a wide range of possibilities connected to your ski ticket. You can easily download a chart with your personal elevation gain, make a SkiMovie, measure your velocity at the Speed-Check run or take a unique souvenir photo at one of the popular photopoints in the skiing area. Moreover you will get a 360 degrees panoramic picture of your skiing day.


There is no personal activation required and therefore you can spend a nice skiing day in the Zillertal Arena. The chip in your lift ticket activates automatically when you pass the first check-in.

Get your personal altimeter chart with all the lifts you have used, all runs you have completed and as a result how much elevation gain you have collected. It’s that simple:

  • Open the website
  • Register or log in to your account
  • Type in the number of your ski ticket and within a few seconds your receive your personal chart

skiMovie & Speed-Check runs

Have you always dreamed of being a Movie Star and a Speed-Queen or Speed-King at the same day? Get your best carving turns on camera at one of the three skiMovie runs or find out how fast you can go on your skies or snowboard at the Speed-Check runs. In the evening you can easily download the movie and pictures and send them to your friends.


The Zillertal Arena offer its guests an absolute highlight - the so-called skiMovie! Ski, snowboard and freestyle enthusiasts can film their performance on three special skiMovie sections of slope beside the Kreuzwiesn-X-Press in Zell, at the Ebenfeld X-Press in Gerlos and at the Gipfelbahn in Königsleiten.


At the BMW xDrive Cup Speed Check run at the Kreuzwiese in Zell you can measure your personal best time! Check out the  BMW xDrive Speed-Check run in Hochkrimml. Especially for all childrens we offer the Speed Check run in Gerlos and this winter season 2014/15 also in Königsleiten.

skiMovie and Speed-Check runs in the Zillertal Arena:

  • BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie run in Zell/Action Park
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check run in Zell/Action Park
  • SkiMovie run in Gerlos/Ebenfeld-X-Press
  • Kids Speed Check run in Gerlos/Ebenfeld-X-Press
  • BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie run in Königsleiten/Gipfelbahn
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check Strecke at Königsleiten/Gipfelbahn
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check run in Hochkrimml/Plattenkogellift



Photopoints in the ski area

If the memory card in your digital camera is full or if your smartphone battery is empty, you can still pose for fantastic souvenir photos thanks to the Arena’s “Photopoints” which can be found in three different panoramic locations within the 143-kilometre network of slopes. When activated by your ski pass the scenically-located “Photopoints” automatically shoot holiday snaps which you can later download free of charge via Internet by entering your ski pass number.

Photopoints in the Zillertal Arena: 

  • Arena Stadl / Zell
  • Arena Center / Gerlos
  • Plattenkogel-X-Press II / Hochkrimml




Get your personal souvenir photo here >>